Morning Prayer

Good Morning, my Lord and Creator. Thank you for this new opportunity to live in the light of Your Love and Goodness for another day and to continue my spiritual growth. Thank you for this opportunity to offer You the perspective of life on this planet through the eyes of my soul. And thank you for this opportunity to grow in Your Love and Wisdom so that I may someday experience the world through the Eyes of My Creator.

Good morning, my Lord and Master. This day I will seek to raise my spiritual awareness so that I might walk this Earth in a Christ-like manner. Help me to attain a level of worthiness that I might shine Your Love and Light upon my fellow man in my own spiritual growth and for the spiritual good of all mankind.

I declare this space to be sacred, filled with Your Love and Light, for my own spiritual growth [as well as that of (full name of mate)], to follow me/us as we move about in Your Creation. May we grow through your Divine Light and Love and well as from one another's.

[ For specific others...] I offer a sacred space for [the family of (full name of husband/wife/children)], so that they might choose to grow through Your Love and Light and from loving interactions with each other. May their souls accept this gift.

[For the enlightenment of the whole world] I offer myself as a vehicle to bring Your Love and Light to the entire world so that each soul alive can be washed in the presence of your Love for their own spiritual growth. Please help to bring about the advancement of this entire planet as it purifies itself for Ascension.

Good Morning, my Masters, Teachers, Spiritual Guides and Loved Ones. Thank you for watching over me and helping me attain the highest good possible for my life. Help me to raise my Being to the highest possible vibration and let every cell in my body vibrate in unity. Help me keep a pin-point concentration on my awareness of the Here and Now. And please help me attain... [specific goals for this day.]

Through the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen.

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